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Hallandale Movers Florida Storage Services

Hallandale Movers provides full service storage facilities in Hallandale, Florida - which are clean secure and climate controlled with round the clock monitoring to provide maximum protection for your valuable household or commercial belongings. Hallandale Movers storage facilities are dedicated specifically to customers using our moving and packing services. Hallandale Movers shrink wrap all mattresses, fabric, upholstered furniture, leather, and other like kind of materials prior to wrapping with padded, moving blankets, boxing or crating and delivering to storage. All items moved into Hallandale Movers storage are kept protected in the materials used when they leave your home and left this way until they are delivered to you. There is no monthly charge for use of padded moving blankets. Hallandale Movers storage facilities cater to businesses, students, and residences in Hallandale and surrounding cities and towns.

A detailed inventory is provided to you who list each item being moved from your home. Hallandale Movers use individually designated stickers to further identify each item being moved. A sticker which is unique to your move is placed on each item and marked correspondingly on your inventory sheet. This insures that each item can be identified to you as well as to insure that all items are returned to you.

Charges for storage are based upon the size of your household contents. The bigger the shipment you have, the more monthly charge will be. You can choose a variety of payment methods for storage. Hallandale Movers offer monthly billing, or prepayment options. The first month in storage is always free when you move with Hallandale Movers. Hallandale Movers prorate your charges based upon when you leave storage. There is no minimum stay required. If you need more detailed information about our storage services, please feel free to call Hallandale Movers.

License Numbers: MR434 / IM1168
Call Today: 954.237.4757, 305.249.1392